The body stores a lot of secrets but how much does the hand know? Maya read mine like a book! She revealed nuggets about me which I wasn't aware of but totally explained several whys of my life. By the end of the session she had identified my gifts, childhood traumas, repetitive patterns, hidden beliefs/programming, and had outlined strategies for transformation.


Don't mistake this session to be palmistry or anything to do with graphology. I went into the reading with skepticism and curiosity and now I am hands down recommending this to anyone who wants to know about themselves and their blindspots, get an unbiased handle on what's going on behind the scenes in their life, and how to break free and lead a more empowered, purposeful life. Maya is truly gifted. Be ready to be awed by her brilliant analysis.

Vivek L

Fern Plant

Dear Maya,

After several days of digesting everything you told me, I wanted to say Thank You!

No one has ever touched me with words like that before.

After years of searching for self-realization, whether through books, lectures, seminars, workshops, webinars … no one truly managed to help me understand myself and bring me the peace I longed for.

I do not think I can express how accurately you described and explained myself to me.

Thank you,

— Jaz B.

Yoga at Home

I first heard Hand Analysis during one of Maya’s educational presentations.  I was very intrigued by the concept and I sensed from her clear explanations and passion for the topic that Maya was well-trained and excelled in her craft. 

My session with Maya was simply amazing. She was able to validate so much of my life experiences, but our session has now offered me an entirely new way to view the events of my life through a whole new perspective. 

I walked away from our very thorough and detailed consultation with at least 10 different HUGE “ah-ha” moments.  Maya also brought new things into my awareness that I will be grateful to know and understand about myself.

Working with Maya was a wonderful experience. I know this information and new-found knowledge and perspective will have a lasting affect on how I view myself and others. 

My Sincere thanks to Maya for your empathy, your incredibly thorough analysis and your detailed knowledge of your craft.

— J.Clark

Hi Maya,

I can’t wait to hear my friends’ account of her experience with your Hands Analysis!!!     

I am supremely confident she will be as impressed and absolutely ASTOUNDED by you as I was.

You have an unparalleled ability to reach the very pinpoint root of defense mechanisms I’ve been unknowingly using my entire life.  The way you could so accurately see with incredible clarity and confidence when and where they developed and how necessary these defense mechanisms were when they were developed in my young childhood.

Then you took it further and pointed out how these mechanisms were still engrained in my personality as an adult. I learned from this elementary yet foundational correlation how these “obsolete” defense mechanisms are still actively producing  different results as an adult, and in many cases, are harmful or counterproductive.

This eye opening and indelible experience made it so clear for me to see these defense mechanisms and character traits and gave me the most significant part of this profound experience. I learned through these meaningful insights how to better navigate the roads ahead with this new tool you’ve helped me to acquire.

The amazing part was witnessing how fast and clear the thoughts come to you as you began the hand analysis. You were getting so much information about me, all put in front of you at one time.

The experience, as I said earlier, was deeply profound.  I believe anyone who is open for Hands Analysis will find great value in the experience and I would strongly urge them to try this MUST HAVE on their own personal developmental journey and open themselves up to an entirely new level.

Be well,

— Eric S.

I must recommend Maya Barak!!! Yesterday I underwent a biometric hand analysis, and was amazed by the level of accuracy, details, depth and sensitivity!

I came out feeling that I have more information about my strengths and weaknesses, about things I’ve gone through, and the things I have yet to do in order to improve my life.

I was surprised at Maya’s ability to read the map of my hands and reveal the hidden layers of my character.

This was an awakening journey, a somewhat rattling one too. It brought forth thoughts and feelings that will take time to process and fully understand.

— Miri S. K.

Back Massage

I warmly recommend Maya Barak !

After attending two of her unique and intriguing lectures, and studying about the strong connection between the development of our brain and the changes in our hands, I was determent to have my hands read by her.

In a 3 hours assessment, she was extremely accurate at pointing out my dominate characters, needs and behaviors. Through this technique, she was able to see the roots to all of these and the way that my life course, in my childhood, had influenced my life today. That was truly amazing!

The way that Maya contacted the assessment is very thurow and she uses her wide knowledge to establish her analysis. First she took photos of my hands from different angles, as well as ink prints, and examined my hands from every possible angle. She also audio recorded the full session and gave it to me to listen whenever I’ll have the time and the need for it. After a day I also got a written summary of the suggestions and tools.

Thank you Maya for bringing light to my life journey!

— Vered G .K