The Inner Child

The inner child refers to our deep emotional state stemming from difficulties and traumas we suffered in early and late childhood. . We may try to run away and ignore our inner-child, yet doing so doesn’t end our suffering; it only prolongs it. The wounded child is always there, trying to get our attention, telling us to stop avoiding these feelings, bring them into awareness, and start healing ourselves.

The inner wounded child asks for care and love, but because we’re afraid of feeling overwhelmed by the pain and sorrow, we run away from him/her. Even if we have time, we try to keep ourselves constantly entertained- watching a screen, socializing, or using alcohol or drugs – because we don’t want to experience that suffering all over again.

When we become aware and work with our inner child, we feel great compassion for that child and we can begin the healing process of the child within us.

Yet many find it difficult to tap into their inner child. The reason lies in our subconscious, trying to get away from pain by keeping these emotions buried deep inside. These may also appear as physical ailments too, yet they are still a reflection of our emotional state.

Becoming aware and starting our healing journey is of key essence to any type of development we are seeking in our lives. Bring self-awareness into your life and start healing the child with-in.

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