Severe Trauma

A women in her late 30’s came for a Hands Analysis. I saw the hardships she experienced throughout her childhood, as well as the many hidden gifts she was blessed with. “Hidden” meaning she replaced these beautiful aspects of her personality with an adopted behavior, one which was accepted by her environment, and therefore safe to project. She told me she learned of some of these gifts lately. I continued to explain why the little girl felt these gifts were too heavy to bear, and which false identity she adopted. Of course, as a child, such a defense mechanism kept her from harm’s way; yet, she didn’t truly feel she was accepted. And why would she? She never got to reveal and feel accepted for who she TRUELY was. And this feeling she has been carrying throughout her adult life. Today she was given an opportunity to leave this part of her life behind, and move forward with her true core identity.

Later in our conversation I said “I see you encountered a significant trauma. Would you like to talk about it?” No” she replied quietly, tears in her eyes. As her journey continues, she now knows she will need, at some point, to deal with her traumatic experience, as it has severe bearing on her emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual life. This is part of the path she will need to explore in order to claim her freedom from negative past influences. There is no way around it, and the universe will continue sending her, and basically each and every one of us, messages, in different forms and ways, until we take the time to deal with painful issues, heal, and move forward, towards the freedom we each desire.

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