Life is OK, but that’s it…

A woman in her early 40’s came to see me.

She was living with her spouse and two children, her relationship was “as usual”, her kids were growing, she was respected in her job, and all and all, she felt life was ok.

In the past few years she began her soul search, digging deep to change her inner self. Her purpose was to live more peacefully, with more self-acceptance and self-esteem, and maybe finally find “the right thing” for her. She didn’t exactly know what that was, but she simply knew there was such a thing out there.

Throughout her life she went from one framework to another – high school, college, marriage, work, but she never felt that any of these were 100% right for her. They were all fine, but as to being “the perfect fit”, she was not sure.

She was envious of people who were deeply excited about little or big things, who worked in a job that they loved, people who knew in their HEART something or someone is right for them. She too wanted to enjoy such deep and profound feeling, but throughout her journey, she was yet baffled on how to get there.

The issue of what was blocking her from achieving deep and profound emotions came up during her hand analysis. It was one of a few major issues that came up and explained WHY. She learned how very childhood early experiences created unconscious emotional blocks. These emotional blocks prevent her, until today, from connecting to her deep inner-self, which include her emotions and feelings, her needs and wants.

This developed into a sophisticated defense mechanism, which continues to affect her adult life. Of course, she doesn’t need this defense mechanism anymore, but without awareness, she wouldn’t know which avenue to take in order to change that “old habit”.

The relief in her voice, finally understanding why and what could be done to better improve her life, was a great gift!

Fortunately Hands Analysis her to face unknown blocks, and get to understand her inner-self world better.

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