Hidden and Subconscious Mechanisms

If you were to change something in your life today, what would it be? While Some of these changes are clear to you, like improve or start a relationship, enjoy a fulfilling job, work on your temper or not jumping to conclusions, other answers are somewhat more tricky to come by.

The reason for this lies in the fact that we are not aware of all the hidden and subconscious mechanisms that influence our reactions, and sometimes inaction. Yet, you may ask, how can you tap into them? They are unknown, and thus hard to uncover? And if they are hidden, why should I become aware of them? While some people search for years and still find it hard to locate the deepest issues that bother and heavily influence their lives, others turn to different professionals to help them dig deep into their past and uncover the hidden issues. One such method is the Hands Analysis which enables, in one meeting, to reveal many deeply hidden defense and self sabotaging mechanisms that were embedded at very early stages of your childhood, and now need to brought into awareness and dealt with.

Awareness allows you to continue with a more peaceful and aware life, and take actions to solve crucial issues that bother and influence your life in a negative manner.

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