Chirology vs. Chiromancy

It is important to distinguish between “chiromancy”, which means to predict the future and “Chirology”, which means ‘hand study’ in Greek. A professional Chirologist provides an in-depth palm analysis for self-understanding. It has been studies by great people such as Aristotle, Plato, Karl Jung, Julius Speer and many more.

Foundations and Research

Thousands of papers and researches on the subject present strong correlation between different hand features and psychological disposition, genetic illnesses, sexual attractiveness and even the likelihood to succeed in sports.

Also, the vast amount of books out there on the subject of hand analysis and palmistry is quite amazing, especially if we consider that this topic has been highly criticized, ignored and ridiculed. Many still consider it a myth and superstitious though this attitude is starting to change.

Unfortunately there are many charlatans’ out there and considerably few professionals who practice this powerful and insightful tool. Chirology is quite difficult to master and it required much practice and studying, which also explain why many who start studying it give up at one point or another.

I have been working in Hand Analysis for years now but still have much to learn. I read books, articles, new research and take courses. If you consider going for a hand reading try to learn where the person studied, how many years of experience he has and if you have chemistry with him or her. Good chemistry could sometimes make a world of a difference to a person’s openness’ to hear the analysis and accept what is being said, as part of the information is not always easy or pleasant to hear.


Because hand analysis incorporates many details and information, make sure to audibly record it. You will never be able to remember everything you were told. I remember listening to my analysis a month after going. I didn’t remember 50% of what was told to me and this helped me to continue to work on what needed work. The main reason for not being able to remember is that the hand analysis includes a lot of personal and emotional information, many details and explanations. Some of them are not always easy to digest and internalize during one intake. Thus, it is always advised to listen to the recording again when you are ready. You will most probably hear new things you did not remember that were told to you..

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Learn about the difference between chirology and chiromancy

  2. Research about the analysis provider you are interested in meeting

  3. Talk on the phone and try to get sense of what you will be getting from the analysis

  4. Did you feel this is the right person for you?

  5. Record the session

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