Emotional Attachment Parenting

I have been practicing Hands Analysis for over a decade. I have seen and learnt how our parents’ actions and behaviors towards us, as children, designed and altered our personality, enabled us to fulfill or ignore our inborn potentials, influenced the way we think and conceive people and situations, affected how we feel and react (or avoid) as well as so many other things we encounter throughout life.

Thanks to this important knowledge, I share with my clients, some which are parents, how they can raise their children in a healthier emotional, mentally supportive and constructive environment. Healthy attachment allows kids to grow up to be self-aware, self-motivated, creative, emotionally healthy, enjoying abundance of self-confidence, being able to execute their inborn talents and potential, and becoming all that they can be, should be, and much, much more. Naturally, there are no perfect parents and mistakes are bound to happen, but we can always strive and try to be the best parents we can, at each given moment.

As the Hands Analysis provides important information about the different developmental stages children go through and how we as parents can help them develop their personality in a way that will exercise their inborn potentials, clients who are parents receive extra tools to help their children too.

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