Human Body Maps

Human Body Maps are ingrained in our physical body.

These maps help us understand how each individual functions and operates.

The maps we usually refer to are the hands (chirology), feet (reflexology), eye’s iris (iridology), face (personology), ears (auricology), and skull (phrenology).

Different information could be derived from these maps: personality, both nature and nurtured (feelings, thoughts, talents, abilities, actions, etc.); physical (systemic health); and some believe that future events could also be procured from these maps.

Interestingly, once we acquire the right information from these maps, given we apply the suggestions and act towards changing certain aspects in our life, in time, these maps too will change. This change is derived from the connection between these features (hands, feet, eyes etc.), and the brain. Once we re-wire our brain, the changes will manifest themselves in these features.

Thus, information is the first essential step, and a gradual process involving a period of assimilation and conscious cultivation is needed to create the actual, change in our lives.

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