Maya Barak

Accredited PDC Professional since 2008.

Certified Craniosacral & Licensed Massage Therapist. Practice soma-emotional body work, including attachment based therapy, myofascial release, satellite muscles technique and more.

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I work from Austin Metropolitan Area, Texas

About me

Accredited Hands Analysist & CMT

By the age of 30 I had realized that it was up to me alone, to change my situation and place in life, into something that fitted me better. Reasons, (or excuses), will always exist, yet, if I wanted to improve my life I knew I had to do something about it and the sooner the better. I was already on the right path, I just didn’t know what to do next. And that’s when I got my Hands Analysis.

The Hands Analysis helped me realize why I was acting, reacting, avoiding, and doing things a certain way. It helped me understand the “why” behind the “what”. It took only 2-3 hours to understand my selfbetter, and receive many insights and highlights on what needed awareness and work. Furthermore, I didn’t need to say much, I mostly showed my hands .

The analysis provided suggestions on what would help me better connect to myself and my needs; especially to those things that were right for me. These suggestions were spot on and helped me realize the path ahead of me.

Comprehending the amazing capabilities and advantages of the Hand Analysis, to help people from different backgrounds, ages and cultures, was quite a unique realization for me. I had finally found my calling, which I enjoy and love very much.

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"When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change"   - Wayne Dyer       

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